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Sunday, April 28, 1-3 p.m.

Prek - Elementary SItes

Eldorado, Fairview, Hollidaysburg


Early Education



  • 424 Wopsononock Avenue
  • 5519 Sixth Avenue

(814) 942-7835

New for 2024/25:


  • 321 Spruce Street




  • 424 Wopsononock Avenue
  • 5519 Sixth Avenue

(814) 942-7835

Junior High School

(Grades 6-8)


  • 2400 Pleasant Valley Blvd.

(814) 944-4014

Senior High School

(Grades 9-12)


  • 2400 Pleasant Valley Blvd.

(814) 944-4014

Call to learn more and tour

PreK & Elementary: (814) 942-7835

Jr./Sr. High: (814) 944-4014

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PreK & Kindergarten growing to Grade 5

We invite you and your child to embark on an educational journey unlike any other, where the tried-and-true standards of academia converge with the transformative power of research-based holistic education.

Our promise is a supportive environment, honoring each child’s unique strengths, interests, and learning styles that fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment.

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Components of your Child’s day

Morning Meeting

Students gather for activities such as calendar time, sharing news, singing songs, or participating in short group discussion as daily learning goals are established.


Instruction is designed to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. Children engage in counting, number recognition, basic addition and subtraction concepts, patterns shapes, and sorting activities with hands-on experiences.

Reading/Language Arts

The literacy rich environment inspires a love of reading. Instruction will include

captivating read aloud activities, phonemic awareness/phonics, and systematic planned reading sessions.


The Atelier (artist workshop) is a carefully curated learning space that encourages artistic expression, collaboration and rich sensory experiences where critical thinking and problem-solving skills are nurtured. Our space has areas designed for art, science, inquiry, sensory, block, tinkering and dramatic play.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Our outdoor learning spaces foster an understanding of nature’s cycles, architectural elements, and the opportunity to learn in a natural environment.

Enrichment Activities

Music, art, library and physical education activities provide students with enrichment and exploration opportunities.

The rebranding of the new

unified Pre-K through 12th Grade school system

Bishop Guilfoyle Academy

Transition effective

July 1, 2024

New school logo will be released this summer


The entire school will become Marauders. Retaining the Marauders name honors our rich history while embracing the future with pride and enthusiasm. It reinforces our shared identity and fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among all who walk through our doors.

QUestions & Answers

Is there a new name for our school?

Yes, our school will be called "Bishop Guilfoyle Academy.” The name will become effective July 1, 2024, for the 2024/25 school year.

Does this apply to both Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School and Holy Trinity Catholic School?

Yes, the entire school, from PreK through 12th grade will be called Bishop Guilfoyle Academy

How will we refer to the different grade levels?

There will be 4 descriptors for school levels: Early Education (also referred to as Preschool, PreK), Elementary, Junior High, and High School. They will all fall under the overall name of "Bishop Guilfoyle Academy."

For instance, one might refer to:

Bishop Guilfoyle Academy, Early Education

Bishop Guilfoyle Academy, Elementary School

Bishop Guilfoyle Academy, Junior High School

Bishop Guilfoyle Academy, Senior High School

That is a long name. Will there be shorter versions?

Yes, the school can be referred to as "BG."

For now, most people think of BG as the high school so there will be a transition for people to understand it also covers lower grades. It can also be called "BG Academy."

Will there be a new logo and school seal?

Yes, we will have a design for the new school logo and seal by this summer. An entire new visual identity system is being developed and will roll out across our many touchpoints in phases over the next 18 months, to minimize changeover spending for families and the school.

When will we begin to see the new name used?

We will begin using it immediately for the 2024-25 school year. Current names will apply to through this school year. The new name will be used immediately for all new purchases. Once we have the new logo design this summer it will be used immediately. We will transition existing signage, banners, and other items over time.

What is the mascot?

The entire school will become the "Marauders." An updated Marauder mascot will be ready this summer.

Will the name Holy Trinity Catholic School disappear?

Eventually, yes. It will take some time to replace all the signs and places it appears, though.

Will tuition go up?

Tuition policies will not change. Rates have been set for the 2024-25 school year and reflect a very small increase of about 2%.

Why did you take the word "Catholic" out of "Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School?"

It was not there for most of our history and was only inserted in 2009. It is redundant. Everyone knows that Bishop Guilfoyle High School, which has been the name for many decades, is a Catholic school. We do not think there will be any confusion.

Is religion class required?

Catholics and Christians who desire a faith-based education will find it available and strong. For the growing portion of families who do not have a faith background, we welcome them and want to make them feel fully comfortable that we are their school, too. Older students who are not Catholic or Christian will have the option to choose alternatives rooted in philosophy or other specialized studies.

We will be sensitive and respectful of families of younger children who may not be Catholic and accommodate feasible options.

We feel alternative studies can provide a strong foundation for a moral life. In any case, we welcome this diversity in perspective which poses no threat to our Catholic foundations and, in fact, makes our education even stronger.

If I am not Catholic will my child feel truly welcomed or will they feel excluded?

They will feel welcome and right at home. We have a large and growing portion of students who are not Catholic. Every student is expected to think critically in all their studies, including religion. This creates a positive, respectful intellectual environment where diverse points of view are welcomed, encouraged, and even expected.

Will uniforms change?

No changes to the uniforms (both school and gym class) will occur for the 2024-25 school year. Any uniform changes will be announced with appropriate lead time, and current uniforms will be able to be used by current students for the foreseeable future.

Will teams and clubs need to get new uniforms/attire and other branded items?

Many items use the letters BG which remain current and do not need to be replaced. Any new items purchased will use the new visual identity system. Items with current names, such as Holy Trinity Guardians or Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School, will continue to be used until they are replaced over time.


The Class of 2024 will receive a diploma from Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School. The Class of 2025 and future classes will receive a diploma from Bishop Guilfoyle Academy.

Need more INfo?

Parents wishing to learn more, schedule a tour, or a “Shadow Day,” can call

(814) 942-7835 (PreK through grade 5) or (814) 944-4014 (Junior and Senior High).

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